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Terms and Conditions

Last updated 19th of June 2022.

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Phabylon!

As a user of our platform, you are interested to know details about the terms and conditions that guide the service we (Phabylon) provide, and for that reason we have elaborated this document. We hope this will help to clarify how we operate our activities and highlight the details that our users should observe when interacting with our services.

As you navigate our website, and access or download its content, engage in activities we promote, or take part, interact, or participate at any of our meetings, events, or services that we provide, you will be agreeing to these terms and conditions.

What is Phabylon

Phabylon is a project for an online community marketplace and a platform accessible through the URL that is aimed at distributing educational scientific primarily in the form of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, but where visitors and users can also access other forms of content, including news, facts, and product reviews.

Inspired by the multivendor marketplace model, Phabylon brings together science content creators that act as vendors of DIY projects to other platform-registered users who, wishing to access details of those projects, act as final customers.

Phabylon is more than just an online marketplace platform, it is also a community of people that share interests in performing experiments, enthusiasm for discovering and observing scientific concepts and phenomena.


Phabylon is made of people that have a passion for seeking scientific truths that make use of technology not only as part of their lifestyle, but as a means to gain knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Technology as a means to a learning or artistic process.

At the time of writing these Terms and Conditions, and until further notice, the content being distributed by Phabylon is strictly digital in nature and is distributed free of charge.

Respect for Privacy and Personal Data Protection

At Phabylon we respect the rights for individual privacy, and this is the main reason we have implemented a Privacy Policy which is part of these Terms and Conditions and which we invite our users to consult at:

When visitors and registered users access our website, it is likely that there will be an attempt to deploy cookies on your computer, or mobile device. This is a standard practice for the majority of websites, but their implementation poses potential risks to the rights of privacy of individuals, which is why our use of cookies is guided by our privacy policy. However, users wishing to have more detailed knowledge of our use of cookies and similar technologies are invited to read our Cookie Policy at:

Warnings concerning content on the Phabylon platform.

We warn that the content that we share may contain information about the use of hard, sharp, or heavy parts, tools, and equipment, toxic or otherwise dangerous chemicals, electricity, lasers, hot and cold media, and biological preparations. The use of such items, can pose a health hazard to the people in the vicinity where  those items are used, endanger the environment, be a threat to the well-being, health and lives of nearby animals, and plants, and can cause damage to property.

Descriptions of educational activities and of DIY projects may be incompletely described, may contain incorrections or imprecisions from which hazardous situations can occur.


We strongly recommend the use of critical judgement, and careful review of documentation, in preparation to execute the projects and in performing the tasks described through our services.

No child should attempt to execute any of the projects listed on our website without the company and supervision of a knowledgeable adult.

The services Phabylon provides

Phabylon provides an online platform to all registered users to access the description of DIY projects and activities, news, facts and product reviews that aim to bring to the final user a learning experience.

Phabylon provides an online platform for science content creators to register and then distribute and advertise their DIY educational and science-oriented projects.


Phabylon enables its creators to share their projects with other platform users who may have interest in the details of their projects and wish to access their plans, instructions, and associated files required to replicate a given activity.

Phabylon provides registered creators with an online store, with a defined limited server disk space, through which they share their content. The store has the necessary tools for creators to upload their content, manage their catalog of digital products, as well as a dashboard displaying data that provides analytical insight into the level of user engagement their catalog of projects elicits.

Phabylon provides both vendors and customers with communications tools that enable exchange of messages, expedite assessment and review of the projects publicly available, and discussion of projects in preparation.

Phabylon provides direct support to creators in publishing their first project, and with advisory input towards a successful store launch.

Phabylon is involved in creating social media engagement, and in the dissemination of newsletters, that showcase the most salient examples of Phabylon’s finest DIY projects, and in promoting their creators.

Phabylon also seeks to organize events, including online or offline meetings and workshops, as well as host thematic competitions, to mobilize our community of creators and other users.

Restrictions and limitations to Phabylon services

Access to Phabylon content is restricted to discerning individuals above the legal age of 18 years, but can be accessed by a younger audience if accompanied by a responsible adult, parent, or legal guardian.

Each user and their content may be subject to vetting.

At Phabylon we are happy when people show interest in our project, but the flux of requests can at times be more than what we can easily handle which can limit our ability to respond. These delays can be felt at all steps that require human intervention, notably with requests to evaluate and publish projects or to clarify questions and doubts. If users experience delays from our side, we sincerely ask that they accept our apologies and request for their patience.

While we will always give our utmost attention to request from our visitors that wish to become Phabylon creators and want open their store in our platform, we have no obligation to accept any of such requests.

Likewise, submission of a project to be distributed through the Phabylon platform is no guarantee that it will be accepted. However, should it happen that the project is not approved, we will try to provide its creator with feedback with an explanation and constructive criticism that will encourage the creator to prepare a more updated and improved version of said project.

Limits on server space (hard disk memory) will be imposed to uploaded content. We may apply and review these limits at any time, without prior notice, and in a non-uniform manner across our user base, which will depend on criteria established by Phabylon’s editorial board.

Memberships can be revoked, and individuals can be banned from the platform and from our online and offline events at any time, and without prior notice. This can occur in case of clear violation to our Terms and Conditions.

Projects can be taken out of the platform at any time and without prior notice. This can occur in case of clear violation of our Terms and Conditions but can also occur as a result of a technical problem – if you believe this to be your case, please contact us at

The DIY projects available through our services can, because of the materials and tools involved in performing the activities described in said DIY projects, pose multiple hazards towards the environment, the well-being, heath, lives of people, animals and plants and the integrity of property.

By accessing the details of a DIY project or any other content made available through our services, users waive any claims towards compensation for damages or losses from Phabylon or its creators, that they may incur directly or indirectly form performing activities described in said DIY projects.

Phabylon and the creators that use our platform to distribute their DIY projects, cannot be found liable for any damages or losses, directly and indirectly incurred by final end-users of the DIY projects, or any other content made available through our services.

Phabylon and the creators that use our platform to distribute their DIY projects make no claims and provide no guarantees that the projects being described are correctly and accurately described and may contain errors and impressions that may hinder the successful implementation and replication of those projects.

Phabylon cannot be held liable for any mistake, incorrection, omission, or imprecision, that may occur in the process of publishing, posting, or sharing user-owned material in our website, or in the platform of our associates and partners. Phabylon will however, try to correct these situations as soon as possible once it is properly made aware and advised.


Contents of the Phabylon website.

Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions all digital content and assets (images, texts, and files downloadable) presented to our website visitors and through our services is property of Phabylon and of its licensors.

Visitors to our platform, and users of our services, are not allowed to duplicate, republish, modify, make derivative work, re-distribute, transfer, translate, sell, or use any of our digital assets in association with commercial or non-commercial activities, including advertisement campaigns, or other forms of promotion, including self-promotion, without prior legal agreement from Phabylon or from its licensors.

DIY projects and user-made content

All scientific and educational content shared by creators through their personal Phabylon stores, notably all the files that they define as part of a DIY project, are digital products which they alone own on their terms and constitute intellectual property over which we make no claims.

By posting, providing, uploading, submitting, sharing, publishing, distributing, making available and/or allowing others to access their content through our website and our services, creators grant to us and our affiliates a world-wide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, and fully sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right and license (but not the obligation) to reproduce, distribute, redistribute, modify, translate, adapt, prepare derivative works of, display, perform (each publicly or otherwise) and otherwise use all or part of their content, by any and all means and through any media and formats now known or hereafter discovered, but solely in connection with our services and/or our business activities (such as, without limitation, for promoting and marketing of our services) and/or to comply with legal or technical requirements. Additionally, to the extent permitted under applicable law, creators hereby waive and agree not to assert any and all rights that they may have under laws worldwide that concern “moral rights" or “droit moral," or similar rights, in connection with their content.

Responsibilities and Obligations of Users

All users of Phabylon are responsible for the content that they upload, post, submit, distribute, make available, or allow access through Phabylon and its services.

When accessing our website or interacting at any of our organized public sessions and events, users agree that their content can potentially be seen worldwide, and that they may be found liable for the consequences associated with the content they disseminate.

Any user content distributed via Phabylon must either be original or the user must possess the necessarily licenses, rights, consents, permissions and/or waivers that enable its legal distribution through our platform and services, and those of our partners and associates. Failure to do so, can result in a potential breach of copyright laws, intellectual property rights, or violation towards other forms of ownership, that can result in the content being immediately removed from Phabylon, and in extreme cases, lead to the user being banned from the platform. We therefore advise careful attention to the material you decide to share through us.

Users wishing to make their personal information publicly available through our website or services (for example, in a blog or forum), do so at their own risk.

When communicating through our platform, whether publicly (such as posting your comments about a project) or privately (communicating with Phabylon administrators and creators) it is a necessary condition to keep the language civil and cordial at all times.

Users should secure a legal permission from Phabylon if they wish to engage in marketing techniques to promote and advertise third-party products or brands in the content they share on the platform. Failure to do so, can result in the content being erased from the platform without prior notice.

Users posting, providing, uploading, submitting, sharing, publishing, distributing, making available and/or allowing others to access their content through our website and our services, should not engage in doing so in case the content in question: (a) meets any of the following criteria, or (b) is linked to content in other websites that meet any of the following criteria:

  1. is threatening, degrading, unlawful, unsafe, harmful, abusive, harassing, stalking, hateful, defamatory, libelous, fraudulent, offensive, inappropriate, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable.

  2. violates any applicable law, rule, or regulation, or could give rise to legal liability.

  3. violates or infringes any right(s) of ours or of any other person, firm, or entity (including contractual and fiduciary rights, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of privacy and publicity).

  4. interferes with, destroys, or disrupts the Service or any hardware or software through which the Service is made available (including via a virus, worm, malware, spyware, Trojan horse or other similar code, file, or program).

  5. contains any unauthorized or unsolicited ideas or submissions, offers, advertising, promotional materials, surveys, “junk” or bulk mail, “spam,” chain letter,” “pyramid schemes,” investment opportunity, petitions, or other forms of solicitation.

  6. impersonates any person, firm, or entity, including any of our employees, partners, licensors, licensees, or suppliers.

  7. is misleading or false, or falsely implies an endorsement by us, our affiliates, employees, partners, licensors, licensees, or suppliers.

  8. presents a significant risk to public safety or promotes the dangerous or unlawful use of ammunition, explosives, firearms, weapons, or other similar materials.

  9. involves or helps promote unlawful gambling, sports betting, horse or greyhound racing, or any other similar activity.

  10. violates any code of conduct or other guidelines applicable to any other area of our services.

  11. includes forged headers or data or creates accounts through unauthorized means (such as an automated bot, script, device spider, scraper, or crawler); or

  12. manipulates identifiers or other data in order to disguise the origin of any Content or to manipulate or disguise your presence on the Service.


For any general questions regarding our services, please reach out to us at:

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