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We change science education with creative DIY science projects

People making creative science projects
People wanting to join the Phabylon project

Phabylon is the space to share creative science and technology projects

Phabylon connecting many scientific areas

A collaborative platform
with marketplace functionality in support of science content creators

Use Cases

   Use Cases   

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Science projects

Focused on exploring scientific concepts that typically form the basis of school or college curricular activities.


Cognitive Projects

Aimed at building activities that promote development of critical thinking or fundamental neuromotor skills.


Art & science projects

Use of technology as a medium to blur the interface between science and arts.


Applied AI and IoT projects

Bring connectivity and artificial intelligence to real-word objects.

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Citizen scientist projects

Help communities of individuals in different geographies to work together towards understanding environmental or universal problems.


Prototype projects

Specifically aimed at marketing prototypes and help companies to test ideas and deploy better tech products.

Happy people working together designing and creating new science projects

Collaborate and get paid for designing cool science projects


We're calling...

All Makers, Scientists, Engineers, Artists, Students, Parents and Educators. Subscribe and get all updates:

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We will help you and your ideas come to market

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  • How do I become a Phabylon creator?
    Great question!! Simply send us a description of your project using the form above, or write us an e-mail to expressing your interest. After that we'll get back to you ASAP, we'll answer all the questions you may have and we'll help you to step up your projects on the Phabylon platform. This process will be much more streamlined once the platform goes live.
  • Why sell DIY science projects?
    A Phabylon science project can be sold or shared for free - it is up for the creator to decide. We want to give the option to sell projects as a way of supporting exceptional science content creators. In the process we also hope that this may awaken the interest of educators as well as skilled science and tech professionals to invest time in designing and exploring new instructive material.
  • Which files can I upload to create my project?
    Whichever may be required. For any project you upload its main element will be a report in PDF format containing the complete project description. In its most minimalist form, the report should provide the basic information that allows others to replicate the project.
  • How do I write and format my project report?
    The report should provide the necessary details required to replicate the project, but the style of how you write it, and its visual format, are up to you. A project report must contain three things: (1) a summary, (2) a list of materials and devices used, and (3) instructions to be followed. Beyond that, you are free to approach your report however you like - a creative writing style and artistic visual appeal will be welcomed. Creativity and sound scientific knowledge are at the core of the Phabylon project.
  • Can I share scientific content not associated with a DIY hands-on project?
    Phabylon projects must contain instructions on how to replicate them. If a project provides only theoretical or textbook material, it will not be accepted. The emphasis should always be on learning through doing, exploring scientific and technical concepts with a hands-on approach. However, the extent with which contextual knowledge is provided is up for the creators. You can always offer introductory material, historical annotations, and elaborate on the results and discussion as you find fit.
  • How creative can I be with my projects?
    The only constraints to creativity should come from the limits of scientific understanding. Beyond that, you are welcome to write your project report by mixing as many story-telling and other artistic abilities you may have. Creativity has an important communicational value that is often absent in technical publications geared towards professionals. At Phabylon we seek to create a space where these two tendencies, sometimes opposing each other, can coexist.
  • Are projects subject to moderation?
    Yes. Every project will be subject to moderation so that the community is assured that the guidelines defining projects are upheld. To improve the standards of projects we will be providing feedback to creators on how to assemble a project together with tutorials on how to structure them. We are currently working with our community in defining those guidelines. Projects that aim to defy the scientific consensus will not be accepted.
  • How will Phabylon handle intellectual property rights?
    This is again for us a work in progress. Protecting intellectual property of digital assets is a challenging task across a variety of sectors. At Phabylon we take these matters very seriously and will be ready to act upon complaints of violation of intellectual property laws. Phabylon is currently working with patent protection attorneys and legal teams with expertise in copyright legislation to ensure we structure and frequently update our terms of service to align them with the most recent regulations of the European Union.
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