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How it works

A person idealizes a new and exciting science project

Step One

Designing your project

A project can be a tutorial, instructions on how to set up an experiment or assemble a device. It can have as many artistic and creative twists as you want. It can be something entirely novel, or just your personal take on whatever sparks your imagination.

Step Two

Documenting the project

Listing all materials and methods used helps others replicate your project. Taking photos of the most critical stages and adding diagrams or sketches can make the story of your project a more interesting and useful one.

A person takes an awesome photo to illustrate the project
A person writes a great science report

Step Three

Writing the story

It can be as concise or as long as you want it to be. You can make it to the point - with easy to follow step-by-step instructions; or you can imagine a whole story behind it - with characters and drama to tag along :-) .  Whichever format you choose, make it in your style.

Step Four

Recording a demo video (Optional)

Not everyone was born to be a YouTuber but capturing videos can have a real positive impact.  Above all, you can show that your project works. But because some of us may be a bit more shy, this is optional - and you can always add it later when you feel ready!

A person makes a video explaining the science project
Project files uploaded to the Phabylon cloud

Step Five

Uploading project files

Projects can be complex, and to replicate them they may require programming scripts, 3D printing models, or other files. You can upload all the files that belong together under a single project.  Phabylon will distribute them as a single package which you can easily update and modify at any time.

Step Six

Monitor sales & projects performance

Once you upload a project, you can either sell it or to share it for free. A private analytics dashboard will give you information on the sales performance of your project and other indicators.  By using analytical data and feedback from users you can further improve your project, making it more useful and profitable.

Growing sales and monitoring project performance
Giving excellent feedback to users

Step Seven

Grow with your projects

It is not just about sales! Each project will have its own forum where users can ask questions, clear doubts, or provide useful tips for improving the project. This will help you and others grow as your projects are replicated. You can become a mentor for newcomers, learn from more experienced users, and don’t be surprised if you happen to make friends along the way :)

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